Five reasons graduates should hire a career coach.

For most graduates hiring a career coach is way down at the bottom on your list of priorities... that's if it even features at all.

But hiring a career coach could help you land your dream job, so why haven't you even considered it? can't afford it, you're too busy, you aren't even thinking about your career yet...

I get it. But would you pass up your dream job for any of these reasons?

If you answered 'yes', then you're probably right... career coaching might not be right for you right now, but if not... let me tell you a little bit more about it before you rule it out.

Here are five reasons why graduates should hire a career coach (disclaimer - there are more, five is just a nice number).

#1 It gives you clarity...

If you have no clue what you want to do after university, and thinking about your career is literally the least fun thing you can think of doing right now, hiring a career coach might help you.

I coach graduates to discover their interests and motivations, so you can start planning a career thats exciting enough for you to get behind and start working towards!

#2 It saves you time...

Applying for jobs takes time - especially if you do it right, tailoring each application to the role you're applying for.

If you're edging your bets by applying for multiple graduate schemes, this time can soon add up, and before you know it you're spending all your 'free time' applying for jobs.

Not fun... but you easily reduce the time you spend applying for jobs. How? By not applying for as many jobs.

There's no bigger waste of time than applying for jobs that you don't really want - jobs that aren't going to make you happy or help you to achieve career success (whatever success means to you).

I help graduates to explore career opportunities that align with your interests and motivations, and teach you to use this insight to find jobs that are worth your time applying for, whilst noting the tell-tale signs of those that aren't.

#3 It gives you the edge...

Unfortunately, having a degree doesn't guarantee you a place on a graduate scheme. The job market is competitive (especially as many 2020 graduate schemes have been cancelled or postponed), and so you need to stand out from the crowd.

I coach graduates through the entire application process - CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, Assessment Centres etc. I help you develop a winning strategy filled with tips, tricks and techniques for landing your dream graduate job!

#4 It's much less lonely...

Searching for a graduate job can be a pretty lonely place - especially if your friends are all following different career paths, and speaking with your family about it only seems to make the whole situation more confusing.

I coach graduates every step of the way. I'm here to boost your confidence whenever you need it, cheer you on before your interviews, and celebrate your successes with you. If you work with me, we're in this together!

#5 It's not as expensive as you think...

That all sounds good, right? But you still can't afford it, so no matter how good it sounds, career coaching just isn't something you can consider right now.

Well.. I hear you! And, I'm launching a brand new range of affordable career coaching and mentoring services, so that I can work within your budget to help you build your dream career.

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