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C A R E E R  C O A C H  A N D  M E N T O R 

Born in Manchester, England.


I moved to Lancaster at the age of eighteen to study for a Psychology BSc degree. When I enrolled on the course, I had never studied psychology before and, honestly, I had no idea how it would benefit my future career after university but I was excited to learn something new and experience university life. 

Looking back, the decision to study something new was indicative of what my university life would be like over the next three years.


It was filled with new experiences that lead me on a journey of self-discovery. 

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 I graduated with a first-class BSc (Hons) in Psychology in 2018 but, still unsure how I would use it in my career, I applied to a graduate scheme in the healthcare industry. 

I hoped this would allow me to continue my journey of self-discovery, and it definitely did. 


I experienced various strategic and operational roles across the public and private sector. This gave me the freedom to explore the industry, whilst preparing me for a successful career in healthcare leadership. 

I continue to build a professional career in healthcare leadership, with particular focus on HR and organisational development. 


Since 2018, I have coached individuals and teams across different settings to reach their goals. I have a Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from the Chartered Management Institute. 


In 2019, I founded Let's Talk About Work to other help university students and graduates get noticed and take big steps to towards their career goals.

Read more about me in my blog. 

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Let's Talk About Work specialises in career coaching and mentoring services for individuals, universities and graduate employers. 


Helping university students and graduates get noticed and be successful in their early careers.